The Company

About us

Florenzano Nuts is a family business founded in 1928 by immigrant Vicenzo Florenzano, who started as a raw material supplier. However, its activities in the industrial sector began in 1988 when, then, the company started to export Brazil nuts.

Located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest in Oriximiná, Pará, Northern Brazil, the company is proud to have been promoting employment and income in the region, which is one of the poorest in the country for four generations. The great Florenzano Nuts family encompasses not only the administrative, but about five hundred skilled employees who work in harvesting, transporting and processing nuts.

Our business involves Amazonians from the collection of the fruit Bertholletia excelsa (scientific name of Brazil nut) to the export of shelled and dehydrated nuts.

Since its inception, the company has always had as its motto “Integrity, Trust and Quality”. These three pillars govern the company’s social and environmental commitment to the region’s residents; product quality, certified by the control agencies; and the partnership with our customers.

We serve the domestic and foreign markets with excellence. We are present in all Brazilian regions and in more than ten countries, including Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and Israel.

With a reputation and tradition acquired over almost nine decades, Florenzano Nuts provides several benefits to the northern region of the country, where much of the Amazon rainforest is located. Utilizing natives in the collection, transportation and processing of raw materials, it generates dozens of jobs, contributes to the region’s growth and industrial development.


Florenzano Nuts cares about the environment and, therefore, works directly with forest collectors, educating for nature preservation and guiding the process of extracting Brazil nuts so that it does not cause environmental impacts.

We have about 350 employees trained for this work and, in addition to preventing deforestation, we reforested the Amazon by planting new samples of the species. The company also produces organic nuts and meets all the requirements of the Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento and Inmetro to certify the veracity of the product.

Area and production

The company’s coverage area is 9,000 square meters, and about 6,500 is intended for industry. Our production capacity is 1,000 tons of shelled nuts and 1,200 tons of nuts without shell.

Our factory is technically advanced and strictly complies with all requirements of the inspection agencies to produce Brazil nuts. It takes 33 steps to transport our products in 20 kg bags in and out of the country.

Production Steps

Upon receipt, the raw material goes through a quality assessment by cutting a selection of nuts. Then it is separated by size and supplier (organic or conventional) and identified.

A sieve removes impurities from the shell and then the nut is weighed and sorted again by size. It goes through some more cleaning and selection steps before being dehydrated and stored.

Brazil nut is then vacuum packed to preserve its quality and leaves the factory in 20kg aluminized bags for all markets we serve inside and outside Brazil.

We make sure to follow all the steps to bring the best Brazil nut to our customers. That’s why our products are appreciated worldwide and bring pride to the Florenzano family!

Our team

As we said, Florenzano Nuts is formed by a team of hundreds of employees, who form a large family, present in the chestnut market for generations. In the meantime, now meet those responsible for managing the company.

Chief Executive: Casemiro Florenzano Filho
Financial Manager: Marcelo Florenzano
Logistic Manager: Victor Florenzano
Export Manager: Renata Florenzano
Domestic Market Sales: Neide Soares
Sales: Caroline Souza
Production Coordinator: Cláudio Maciel
DP Coordinator: Paula Malcher
Food Technologist: Rafhaela Baldez